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5 Ways To Speed Up Your Hiring With Temporary Recruitment CRM Software


As an owner or an employee of a recruitment agency in the UK, you might have come across days when the client’s requirements are high, and you are facing challenges in sourcing qualified candidates within the committed timeframe. 

This scenario is more intricate for temporary recruitment agencies as they have to meet 11th-hour position-filling requirements for their clients, be it for teaching, restaurants, or the nursing industry. These times adversely impact overall productivity and efficiency, which is the key to thriving in this competitive landscape. 

With the constant technological advancements, an innovative solution is available in the UK market to streamline the daily operations, tedious tasks, booking requests, and hiring process of temporary recruitment agencies. 

Yes, you read that right. It is an all-in-one solution to address and resolve all the obstacles in your daily activities and speed up your primary processes: booking, candidate onboarding, compliance checks, invoice generation, timesheet management, and payroll processing. 

If you are guessing what it is, let us tell you it is temporary recruitment CRM software. This article will share five effective ways to speed up your hiring process with this intuitive, cloud-based software to save time and resources and accelerate your productivity.

Why Is Adopting New Technologies Important For Temporary Recruitment Agencies?

Our ancestors say that those people who switch and adapt to the evolving technologies, mindsets, methods, and approaches will survive drastic changes. 

The same applies to temporary recruitment agencies, and it is paramount to adopt the latest technologies, innovations, approaches, and creative solutions to sustain and solidify their presence in the competitive recruitment landscape. 

Temporary recruitment software is a futuristic technology with game-changing features to automate tasks, enhance candidate sourcing, amplify communication with clients with fair transparency, and provide exceptional service to both. 

It not only helps stay ahead of the competition curve but also smoothly adapts to evolving industry and government policies and significant changes.

Benefits Of Temporary Recruitment CRM Software

You must be wondering if there are any incredible benefits of this software. In this section, we will share some tremendous ones to give you firm clarity.

  1. It serves as a central hub to manage all aspects of the recruitment process, from candidate onboarding to client booking requests and placement. 
  2. It empowers you to see suitable candidates for multiple job positions to quickly fill clients’ vacancies (requirements).
  3. You can maintain complete transparency with your clients by enabling them to view, edit, and manage timesheets from their end. You can see changes in real-time about approved hours for payroll processing.
  4. It simplifies your payroll management for in-house employees and recruited candidates, as it can be done from a single destination.
  5. It sends your candidates automated notifications informing them about the expiration date of their compliance documents so they can upload the latest ones. 
  6. Your team just have to check compliance documents and Right To Work IDs to ensure a high-quality pool of candidates.

These benefits reflect that it is a potent tool to utilise free time to provide a personalised experience to candidates and clients, leading to lasting relationships and increased satisfaction.

Ways To Accelerate Your Hiring With Temporary Recruitment CRM Software

In this section, we will share five powerful ways to accelerate your hiring process with temporary recruitment CRM.

Automated Candidate Onboarding

With this software, you just have to send a link to your candidates via email, which they have to fill out from their end. It eliminates administrative involvement in filling out forms and collecting documents. 

Candidates will enter their information and upload documentation, including compliance and Right To Work, through self-service. Your team can track which stage candidates face challenges to help them. 

The best part is that it saves your overhead costs for hiring additional human resources to perform this task. Moreover, you can integrate CRM software with our payroll option saving more time and duplication of work.

Fastens Candidate Screening

With candidates uploading the necessary documents and information from their end, your team just need to review them, saving ample time through this automated feature. It fastens your candidate screening process as you just have to assess the compliance and Right To Work checks. 

For that, you can create custom screening criteria that automatically filter out unqualified candidates, enabling you to focus on the promising candidates that match your criteria.

Seamless Candidate Communication

Being in the recruitment industry, you might have faced complications in sending dozens of emails to your candidates to obtain their availability for the shift and communicate about cancellations. 

Communication is the key to success in this fierce, competitive recruitment industry. You can facilitate seamless communication with your candidates with temporary recruitment CRM software. 

It lets your recruiters send automated emails and text messages about shift details, seek their confirmation, and inform you about any cancellations. It ensures transparency for fostering long-term relations by keeping track of all communication with candidates and promptly addressing any issues.

Workflow Automation

Another pivotal way to accelerate your hiring process with temporary recruitment CRM is automating your workflow. 

Your recruiters can create custom workflows to automate mundane and mind-numbing tasks, such as filing out forms, sending booking confirmations and reports generation that drains out the energy of your team, which can be utilised for intriguing tasks which will generate higher value for your agency. 

It ensures optimal allocation of resources and accuracy across all recruitment activities.

Client Management

Operating a recruitment agency isn’t only about sourcing quality candidates but primarily about cultivating and managing strong client relations. Because at the end of the day, a happy client will refer your agency to their connections and bring you more business. 

With CRM software, you can provide your clients a portal to view, edit, and manage timesheets online, and this transparency helps in payroll processing. 

Moreover, you can fulfill the client’s requirements by quickly identifying and matching the candidates to determine suitable ones for vacancies. 

Nonetheless, you can send candidate’s details in one click for placement and generate reports and analytics to spot trends and opportunities for a more personalised experience.


After reading the article, you will have understood the importance of adopting new technologies and the benefits of temporary recruitment software for your agency. Also, you will be equipped with five powerful ways to speed up your candidate hiring process. You might be wondering, is that so? 

Yes. By incorporating all five ways, you will have considerable time to allot to find quality candidates and rapidly onboard them with CRM software. You can give them a self-service option through the software portal so they can upload their expired compliance documents and personal details. 

When your client is satisfied, you can invest efforts in your hiring process to quickly cater to your client’s requirements and give candidates placement. 

Moreover, with CRM software, you can make more informed decisions based on data and analytics to understand the loopholes in the hiring process and room for improvement and optimise recruitment processes to accelerate the hiring process.

We hope this article was worth your time and gave you valuable insights to speed up your hiring process.