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Finding a Rideshare Rental Near Me for Drivers in Australia: Knowing Your Options

Ridesharing is an excellent way to make money, whether you’re doing it as a side gig or for a full-time job. However, when searching “rideshare rental near me” online, you’ll find an array of options, making it daunting to decide where to get started.

But fear not—we’re here to help you make a wise choice by educating you of the options available in Australia. Let’s get right into it!     

The Top Options for Rideshare Rental Services in Australia

It’s recommended to sign up for multiple ridesharing platforms to minimize downtimes and maximize your earnings. Here are the top apps for car rental for rideshare services in Australia that you should consider.


Uber is the most popular and widely used platform in the country’s ridesharing landscape, boasting a massive customer base that translates to minimal downtimes for drivers. Its user-friendly app ensures a seamless experience, while its flexibility allows you to cherry-pick ride requests.

Also, according to rideshare comparison data from Finder, Uber has the highest commission rate among all rideshare rental services in the country, with Uber rental drivers expecting to take home 75% of their weekly ridesharing income. So, more money into your pocket!


Ola is the main contender of Uber in the Australian rideshare market which offers a diverse array of vehicles ranging from sedans to luxury models. Like Uber, it also has an intuitive app that enhances user experience, complemented by stringent safety measures for both riders and drivers.

The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction is demonstrated through its 24/7 customer support. So, you’ll get assistance whenever you need it!


Didi distinguishes itself by offering flexible commission rates and competitively priced rides, attracting both drivers and riders alike. Today, the app is available in key Australian cities and regions, including Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast.


Shebah has carved a unique niche in the Australian ridesharing industry as an exclusive female-driven rideshare service catering to women and children. Its commitment to social responsibility is evident through its charitable contributions. According to a report by the Sydney Morning Herald, the company donates 1% of every fare to three different charities.

If you drive for Shebah, you can also establish yourself as a “preferred driver”, which makes you a top option for returning riders.


This ridesharing platform targets the wholesale transport market, offering both taxi and private vehicle services across the country. Its main selling point is the GoPoints, which rewards drivers for excellent service with incentives and opportunities for better-paying jobs. With its comprehensive approach to transportation, competitive pricing, and driver compensation, GoCatch can be a great choice for you!

Types of Vehicles Offered for Ridesharing in Australia

When searching “rideshare rental near me” online, you’ll be presented with a range of vehicle options. And, it’s important to choose one that suits your driving needs and the type of passengers you want to pick up.


These vehicles are a popular choice for many rideshare rental drivers due to their compact size, fuel efficiency, and agility on city streets. They often come equipped with modern features and technology that enhance the overall comfort and convenience for both you and your passengers.


With generous legroom and trunk space, sedans provide a comfortable experience for passengers during their journey. Whether you’re transporting individuals or small groups, these cars offer the versatility and reliability that you need.

Hybrid Cars

If you’re environmentally conscious, then these vehicles are your best options. With rising awareness about sustainability, hybrid cars appeal to eco-conscious passengers who also prioritize eco-friendly rideshare car rental options.

Compact SUVs

Combining the versatility of an SUV and the agility of a smaller vehicle, compact SUVs are a practical choice if you’re looking to cater to a range of riders. With ample passenger and cargo space, they allow you to transport small groups or individuals with luggage.

Luxury Vehicles

If you aim to provide a premium ride-hailing rental experience, you should drive high-end sedans or luxury SUVs. These vehicles boast luxurious interiors, advanced technology features, and superior performance that appeal to discerning passengers seeking exclusivity and refinement.


Without a doubt, a van is the best vehicle rental for rideshare drivers aiming to accommodate larger groups or transporting bulky items. Whether it’s airport transfers or group outings, these vehicles offer spacious interiors and ample cargo capacity that you need for such journeys.

Based on these options, you can choose the right vehicle that suits your driving needs and passenger preferences!

Start Ridesharing Now!

Proper gathering of information during your “rideshare rental near me” online search goes a long way in ensuring you make the best decision for your ridesharing job. So, take the plunge, maximize your earnings, and embark on a rewarding career path!

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