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Scaling Your Tech Startup with On-Demand CTO Expertise

Often, when it comes to scaling a team, companies involved in launching projects with an uncertain business model focus their efforts on finding new specialists with a certain set of technical skills, forgetting that perhaps they need much more versatile players capable of bringing the project to life. We will talk below about how exactly this problem can be solved in practice.

Why Do Teams with Top Experts Still Implement Failed Products?

According to statistics, about 90 percent of startups fail. So are all those who were inspired by some idea and committed to its implementation simply bad at what they do? Of course not. However, as practice shows, this is just one of the required components that determine the viability of the project, but not sufficient. So what can guarantee this sufficiency? The answer is simple – the right leader.

No, we are not talking about the owner of the project, that is, you. You have no need to refuse to implement your idea if you feel that you are not technically savvy enough and therefore cannot lead your development team in the right direction. Instead, you simply need to consider hiring a Chief Technology Officer, or CTO service.

So, what is CTO in business? It is this specialist who will take responsibility for drawing up the project roadmap, breaking it down into stages, choosing a technology stack, hiring and technical interviews for new team members, distributing tasks between them, increasing their qualification level, presenting the project to investors, and much more. Sounds cool doesn’t it?

Along with this, another headache you may face is finding a CTO. Indeed, those who have proven CTO skills in practice are most often already involved in other projects. Also, if you live in a region with an underdeveloped IT talent pool, there may not be any C-level specialists there at all. And of course, do not forget that due to CTO qualifications, hiring them locally can create a huge gap in your most likely limited budget (which is typical for startups).

Fortunately, thanks to modern methods and tools for remote communication, there is a way out of this situation. We are talking about choosing virtual CTO services. According to this model, you can significantly expand your search horizons without sacrificing either your budget (due to access to regions with lower market rates) or the quality of the services received. Moreover, in the absence of the need to hire a full-time CTO, this is a very likely situation. you will be able to choose a much more convenient and affordable option for you – for example, request CTO skills for a fixed number of hours per week/month, on certain days of the week, or generally – upon request.

In general, the solution to the problem of negative statistics has long been invented, and it lies in resorting to CTO as a Service, so the main thing is to be open to new opportunities, and everything will work out for you!

Final Thoughts

Now, having a complete understanding of what the “correct” team structure looks like for a startup, and why, in this regard, you simply need a person who meets your CTO requirements, you will be able to set the right priorities in your activities related to the search for new talent. By the way, if you are considering CTO as Service as an option, feel free to contact us. We will