keeping a dog genuinely happy

Why Your Dog’s Happiness Matters

Dogs are America’s favorite pets for a reason. Dogs often become part of the family and can increase your quality of life through companionship and protection. That’s why keeping a dog genuinely happy should matter to any responsible pet owner. Read on to see why your canine’s happiness should be a priority for you.

Your Canine Protects You

Regardless of the size of your dog, they will normally have loyalty and protection towards you. Many dogs have even given their lives to protect their owner. Your dogs may warn you about break-ins, alarm you about a fire, or even a pending medical flare-up. The least you can do as their caretaker and owner is to ensure they are happy as they do the same for you.

Stress Affects Them Too

Stress is common among Americans, but did you know stress can also affect your puppy? Just like stress can hurt your physical and mental health, it can do the same for your dog. Less stress on a dog can be less stress on their heart or emotional stability.

Dog Depression Is Real

It’s obvious when a dog is sad. The dogs may be temporarily sad because you’ve gone to work and must leave them for a few hours. However, those dogs will perk back up again the minute you come to the door. However, canine depression can linger deeper if they’ve experienced trauma. A truly depressed dog may become lethargic and may not even want to go for a run. They won’t want to socialize, and they withdraw from humans. A dog may become depressed because of previous abuse, or they were unexpectedly displaced from a beloved previous owner.

Emotional Bonds Will Strengthen

Mutual happiness will continue to strengthen the bond between master and pet. Simply sitting with your dog at home or going out for an adventure will be as easy as pie. That dog will continue to grow devoted to you and will often project that loyalty towards people close to you, such as new children you add to the home.

Happiness Helps Them Socially 

If you’ve ever been around happy people, you understand that they’re easier to socialize with compared to angry ones. Well, dogs are no different. If your dog is happy, they’re more likely to be easy to take to the dog park and be around other canine friends. You can feel more comfortable bringing guests over for gatherings. You’re less likely to stress about introducing your pet to new people over time. After all, an angry dog constantly attacking people who aren’t provoking you can be stressful on you and create a liability.

As you can see, it’s worth keeping your beloved furry friend happy. A happy dog is a social dog who will bond with you and the people in your life. Whether it’s giving them baths, toys, frequent walks, and spending time with them, keeping your pet happy will pay off. Check out for more information.